At OVID Napa Valley, we are committed to the idea and practice of experimentation in many facets of grapegrowing and winemaking, to learn more about our land and what will make the most memorable wines. We conduct formal experiments in order to investigate specific topics, and we participate in a number of applied studies as well. And we sometimes just indulge our curiosity by trying things several ways, in order to push what we know to be possible in both the vineyard and the winery.

Our Experiment wines are the result of this process. Each vintage we offer small amounts of different wines that are of special interest to us, allowing you to taste and experience new aspects of OVID’s vineyard and winemaking.

Winemaker Note

Staying within our own four walls, it can be easy to assume that everything we do is dialed-in…as good as it can be. So, we strive to always keep our perspective fresh and remain persistently inquisitive. Crafting our Experiment wines always challenges us to stay curious and open-minded, and we are grateful that we have a forum to share these explorations and insights with our collectors.

Austin Peterson

-Austin Peterson, Winemaker