2017 OVID Napa Valley Tasting Notes

2017 OVID Napa Valley Tasting Notes

“The same soil does not bear all things; one is suited for grapes, another, olives.”

– Publius Ovidius Naso • Ars Amatori • Book I [lines 757– 758] ,

The 2017 vintage was not a typical year in Napa Valley. Enduring rains ended the long drought, and in May, hail challenged the freshly growing shoots. Fortuitously we ushered the grapes into our cellar just before the fires began to rage. We met each of these challenges with careful planning, deliberate decisions and collaborative solidarity.

We are especially grateful for our amazing vineyard team, who sowed cover crops to soak up the winter rains and later applied water for the vines to thrive during the summer heat spikes. Thanks to all of these efforts, the 2017 vintage resulted in wine of the highest standard, possibly some of the best wines OVID has produced to date.

The 2017 OVID Napa Valley Red Wine captures our feeling of gratitude with a rich and luxuriant expression. Brooding and broad with fresh notes of mulberry, cassis, anise, bay leaf, blackberry and licorice, this red wine will tell the tale of a most remarkable vintage for many years to come.

Austin Peterson, winemaker

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